About Us

Split costs, save money.

Conferences are all about opportunity: making connections, sharing ideas, building networks and dreaming big. But too often, there’s something standing between us and the opportunities conferences offer: money. Whether you’re getting by on a grad school budget or funding your own professional travel, you’re not alone in looking for ways to make conferences more affordable.

That’s where ConferenceShare comes in.

We help you save money by splitting costs with others attending the conference. You can save money by splitting cost of a hotel or apartment, share a taxi or rental car, or band together to get a group discount on conference registration. Who knows, you may even decide to share a pizza and swap notes on the conference.

We make the introductions and you take it from there. You’ll access the opportunities a conference offers and enjoy a little extra change in your pocket. Sharing is a beautiful thing.

Share the saving

Are you a sharer? Tell us about your experience. Send your ideas, suggestions, stories, love, and critiques to team@conferenceshare.co.


ConferenceShare is the creation of Namrata and Satanjeev, who thought of the idea when they were broke graduate students at Carnegie Mellon University dreaming big about attending the top conferences in their fields. Today, ConferenceShare is based in San Francisco, California.

Namrata, with expertise in product development and a passion for turning the complex into the simple, is the product driver. She is always looking for ways to save money to fund her dream vacations.

Satanjeev, whose talents include writing code and saving money to buy vinyl records, is the back-end development expert.

Tara, with expertise in communications, is our marketing content strategist. She is a passionate believer in the theory that sharing a cookie makes it a health food.

Karen, who helps make sure we keep the words and design of the user interface simple and effective, is our stalemate-breaker and also our human-powered messaging system who reminds us to stay grounded.

Marcela designed our logo and believes sharing is beautiful as long as it doesn’t involve sharing the Belgian waffles served at Blue Bottle’s ferry building location in San Francisco.

ConferenceShare is also supported by consultation from Barkha Harpale and Alex Cebrian.